"Whether it be teatime or gin o'clock, the appropriate adornment is an absolute essential- thus consider designer maker Emily Sidwell, your duchess of artful accessories. The offerings in her By Emily collection are a mixture of poise and playfulness drawing inspiration from beloved childhood stories and English history alike." Fab UK

Emily is a contemporary jewellery designer working from London. By Emily is the realisation of Emily’s dream to establish an unmistakably English luxury fashion brand.

Her training as a painter influences her work, each piece exhibits an exquisite hand-drawn quality, this is a trademark feature of her jewellery collections, resulting in figures that appear alive and untamed. Her designs are ingrained with the whimsical eccentricity of English style inspired by literature, wildlife and the countryside.

Working mostly with silver, her adornments are thoughtfully made, combining fine craftsmanship with narrative characterised by a hybrid of raw beauty and intricate detail.

By Emily can be found online and in boutiques and galleries across the UK, as well as internationally being recently stocked in Hong Kong. Emily not only produces charming collections but also enjoys designing bespoke pieces for individual clients and welcomes the opportunity to create new and innovative jewellery.